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  • What can I expect an average trip to look like aboard the Yacht? We provide a Yacht owner experience. This means everyone aboard is crew and not actually passengers. You are helping (wo)man the Yacht! You will helm (steer), raise and lower sails, trim sails, tack, and jibe, pull lines and even help with docking. Your amount of help aboard the Yacht is up to you. We have crew aboard that know what they are doing and will help/instruct with everything you do but these trips are more of an adventure. We also sail as a group and do things as a team so whatever the group decides we will do! Within reason, we are subject to a time schedule, tide, currents, sailing traffic and of course weather so we will do our best to keep everyone happy.​

  • What are the private custom trips like? It is precisely what it sounds like. We can do whatever you want within reason. We have done bachelorette and bachelor parties, we have done corporate team building and offsite events, we have done birthday parties, and much more! It is up to you and we work with you to plan the trip to as much of a custom situation as you would like. Again, within reason.

  • What kind of shoes should I wear on the Yacht? You can wear any type of non-marking casual shoes. Please do not wear dress shoes or high-heeled shoes. You will slip on the deck, fall on something or someone and you may even fall overboard. It can be dangerous so please be aware of your footwear options.

  • What should I wear on the yacht trips in San Francisco? The weather ranges from very cold to very warm even on the same day. I would recommend bringing everything from a bathing suit (and a beach towel) to a heavy fall jacket. Even a change of clothes is always recommended. I always wear jeans and a nice long sleeve shirt but I also bring a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt as well as my change of clothes option. Along with a bathing suit just in case I want to jump in the icy cool water (jump in, jump out!) to cool off on a really hot day.

  • Is there a place to clean up on the Yacht? There are showers and full bathrooms ("head", the name for a bathroom on a Yacht) on all of the Yachts we use. So if you jump into the water to cool off you can clean yourself up after. However, I do require that you make sure you have a towel handy. Water spread throughout the interior of the Yacht is a hazard and can be dangerous. I require that you clean up after yourself.

  • What is the environment like aboard the Sailors Academy Yacht trips? We strive on being fun and informative. I am a fun loving guy and I expect the same of all of my crew. I am strict when it comes to safety but other than that we are a crew that looks out and makes sure people are having fun! Everyone aboard is usually respectful and fun loving as well but we occasionally get a stick in the mud! ;-) But it is rare. Don't be a stick in the mud! ;-)

  • Do you ever do themed sailing trips? Yes, we do, and we have! Every once in a while we will put on a themed sailing trip. White party, pirate ship party, Halloween party, etc. Whatever you can think up we can probably do.

  • How long are the trips usually? We usually do a half day, full day, and multi-day trips. Half day trips usually range from 4 to 5 hours and full day trips max out at 8 hours. Multi-day trips are up to you. But we can do any number of hours you would like however we have a minimum of half day prices. We don't do per hour trips because we try to provide a full yacht owner experience where you get all there is to get out of these trips.

  • Can I rely on being back on time for another event? I would recommend giving yourself an extra hour on top of your estimated time of arrival. We will try our best to get you back in time but there are many factors that can cause a delay. The problem with sailing is that we rely on the wind most of the time. These sailing Yachts have engines but they don't move very fast. Plus currents in the bay and oceans of the world can make it difficult to estimate arrival times.

  • Why are your prices so different from other companies? Our prices are based on the time on the water. We provide a longer trip, 4 - 5 hours long, whereas most other companies are only 1.5 hours at prices ranging from $35 to $45. We also provide snacks, full meals, and drinks on most of our catered trips. We have smaller groups on our trips and we also follow what the group wants to do. We do make suggestions. Where most other companies don't even get close to the Islands and are on set paths. These are the main reason why our prices are the way they are. Generally, we are a different type of sailing trip.

  • Can I bring my own drinks and/or food? Yes, of course, you can bring your own food and drinks. This includes alcohol, however, if you become intoxicated to the point of endangering yourself, others, or property aboard the yacht, the captain reserves the right to cut you off from the alcohol. If you break it you buy it! Please refrain from bringing any red wine because it stains the decks of the Yachts.

  • Should I tip the captain and helpers? Yes, we highly recommend it. The usual tip is anywhere between 10 to 30 percent your total cost for the trip. The captain and helpers don't make very much. Most of the expense goes toward the Yacht and other expenses. So please be kind to your captain and helpers! No % of the tips are kept by the company. 100% of the tips go to the captain and helpers.

  • Are kids allowed? Kids, in this case, are under the age of 13 years old. Yes, they are allowed on the yacht however they are required by law to wear lifejackets (Type 2) at all times when above deck. We do not provide child lifejackets so you will have to bring them. The parents/guardians are responsible for all the kids aboard. It is the parents/guardians responsibility to also make sure they follow the rules on the Yacht. The rules will be explained by the captain once aboard.

  • What are the kid's prices? We do not differentiate price wise between kids and everyone else primarily because most of the cost for these trips is the yacht costs. There is also not much of a difference in importance of safety between kids and adults. They are all people in our definition to keep everyone aboard the yacht safe. Plus kids take a bit more effort to keep safe not to mention they create bigger messes! ;-)

  • What is the role of the Captain aboard the Yacht? The captain is required by law to keep everyone aboard safe and to uphold maritime, US, and international law. The captain IS a federal officer and can detain any person for breaking any of the laws of the land. So please don't drink too much and cause problems for anyone aboard. No one likes a jerk!

  • What are the rules aboard the Yacht? The captain will educate you on all the rules aboard the Yacht. He/she will explain the main rules once you board the Yacht but may tell you additional rules when they apply.

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