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About Us

Although we plan trips all over the world we are located in the San Francisco Bay Area! It is beautiful here and the sailing is amazing. If you can sail here you can sail anywhere in the world! It is that challenging but also a lot of fun and the views are to die for!


We work hard to make sure you have fun and that you also learn something new about sailing. We provide an experience that not everyone out there can provide. We are not your normal crewed sailing trip. We provide what I call a yacht owners experience. You are at the helm (steering the boat) and/or adjusting sails, tieing knots, and help dock the boat. You are the crew if that is what you want to do. But if you don't feel like sailing we are here to make sure we get you home safely. You walk away learning something new every time you sail with us even if you aren't doing much other than relaxing and enjoying the ride!

Charles W. Hsu


Head of Getting Us There and Back + More


Charles lives and breathes sailing.  He’s been sailing for 35 years, has 1300 days on the water, teaches sailing and is a licensed captain.  In addition to navigating the bay and the California coast, he’s also sailed in Mexico, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean.  He hopes to add more locations in the coming years.


In his other life, Charles is a software designer (UX Lead) and media expert.  In addition to safely getting us there and back, he also works on the Sailors Academy website, marketing & advertising.

Contact Us


For more information contact Captain Charlie at or +1(415) 617-5847. If you call and don't get a hold of me please leave a clear message, name, and phone number for me to call you back. I will get back to you ASAP. I can be very busy but I will eventually get back to you. It may be faster to get a response by email. Voicemails actually take longer to respond to.

Thanks! Message sent.

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