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Club Membership

You are about to join an elite group of people who embark on a grand adventure every year.  We travel to new and exotic locations each year exploring and also learning new things about ourselves and what we can accomplish. By being part of our crew you will learn new sailing skills, add another sailing location to your belt, and explore locations in the world that most people never see in their lives. We aren't just another sailing club we are the club that keeps you sailing around the world.


What is in the membership?

Our Club Members get:

  • 5 FREE day sailing trips per calendar year.

  • FREE Workshops that teach laws, sailing tips and techniques, sailing location specific info, maintenance tips, and much more.

  • $500 DISCOUNT on each sailing vacation. * Limited to one vacation per calendar year. Membership is required for discount to be used.

  • Social events like happy hours, brunches, and other events.

  • A value of $2,000 per year!


What are the fees?

  • There is a one time only initiation fee of $687.95 to cover your membership

  • $98.90 monthly fee. Save 15% by buying the year membership at $1,008.78


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