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Advanced Sailing Class

A 6-day sailing class over a period of 3-6 weeks, two classes a week. You will learn advanced techniques in sailing and practice them on a keelboat yacht. This is an advanced class. We will cover advanced steering techniques in all points of sail. Advanced Mainsail and Jib handling, Night sailing and how to use senses and observations around you to your advantage when sailing.


Class Schedules:

Classes are every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30 pm to 8:00 pm. Other dates are available upon request but are based on the class group.


Required for Class:

  • Some sailing experience.

  • Sailing Gloves. I would recommend leather gloves that have open fingertips are the best. Keep them oiled to increase the life of the gloves.

  • Sailing PFD (Lifejacket) Type V that inflates into a Type III is recommended. We will have life jackets on during the class and the ones provided are a bit bulky for the class.

  • Layers of clothing including a foul weather jacket.

  • Be prepared to be moving about the yacht so there will be some strenuous activity.


Upon Completion:

  • You will receive a signed hour sheet that is recognized by the United States Coast Guard.

  • A certificate of completion from Sailors Academy.


You will learn:

  • Advanced steering techniques in all points of sail.

  • Storm and rough weather sailing.

  • Proper trimming for all of the points of sail.

  • How to reef the sail properly and in all types of conditions.

  • How to use all the equipment on a yacht properly to improve your sailing. Travelers, Boom Vangs, Jib Sheet Cars, Tell Tails, etc.

  • How to use your senses to observe the water, wind and other objects in or around the water to sail.

  • Night sailing skills and lights.


This sail does not provide food or drink. However, you are welcome to bring any food or drinks that you desire. We will provide cups, plates, silverware, napkins, and ice.


Class Price: $1189.00 for a 4-6 person class. Includes Study Reference Guides.

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